It’s “only” food…

…Well, not really! To me food has always meant much more: family, parties, culture and heitage, creativity, and, last but not least, FUN! Mixing up ingredients, blending, cutting, baking and – finally! – tasting have always made so much fun 🙂 Feeling involved in a creating process still makes me feel blessed, but it was only after I turned first vegetarian and then vegan that cooking was connected to a whole different dimension. Environmental, animal care and health issues were all equally part of the game. On the other side, achieving that consciousness meant giving up a lot of traditional Italian products. So, how could traditional food and innovation coexist? Finding an answer to such question has become my task and I’m proud to say that everyday I’m able to fulfill it!

Furthermore, I got in touch with many people facing troubles with food allergies and health problems, for whom traditional food was forbidden. Food has become my way to help others enjoying food no matter what their problem is!

Keep on following me if you wish to learn more about my classes! 😉


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