How can I help you?

The answer is “In many different ways” but it all depends on what you’re looking for! 😉

  • Are you enjoiyng Italian food during your holiday and you would like to bring home a little knowledge about it? Half a day of your vacation could be enough to learn the secrets of homemade pasta and pizza in a much healthier way (100% plant based). Gluten-free option ALWAYS available.
  • Would you like to visit a traditional cave where balsamic vinegar is stored? There are a lot of producers in this area, as well as Lambrusco wine producers. Just ask me, and I can manage to plan a visit for you.
  • Did you know that blueberries and chestnuts are typical of our mountains? And that’s not all… Spelt, barley and other ancient kinds of wheat are well produced here too! I can have you visit a local farm, and if you want to buy local products, you can find plenty of them at our store. Special discount on local products for who attends a cooking class!
  • Would you like to visit Modena, Reggio Emilia, or Bologna with a local guide? I’m in touch with patented local guides who can show the best of these cities!
  • Difficulty in finding accomodation? I can help you out!


Important things to know:

  • as said, I teach plant-based cuisine, so meat, fish, honey, dairy products and eggs (and all related by-products) are banned from my kitchen. I only use ORGANIC food.
  • For every recipe I love to give both the healthiest and the tastiest option, so you can feel free to do at home the one you prefer according to your needs.
  • All classes include lunch and/or dinner (according to the plan), booklet with recipes and special discount on local products.
  • I can organize classes from 1 to 10 persons – price changes accordingly.
  • Each class is unique, since YOU will decide the menu 😉
  • I’m willing to give all-day classes on Sunday and Monday (when most museums are closed), whereas half-day classes can be held everyday prior to planning.
  • Beside Italian vegan food, I’m really into FERMENTATION, RAW FOOD, INTERNATIONAL CUISINE, PASTRY… Feel free to choose is favourite topic!