About me

Long time vegan and life passionate, Italian by birth but citizen of the world by choice, I have finally achieved my dream of opening a vegan bistrot! And since spreading the good news is another great passion of mine – besides traveling, speaking foreign languages, reading… yayaya… – let me tell you a secret: Italian cusine CAN easily turn vegan! I can teach you how to cook REAL Italian food without any animal by-products, most of the times gluten-free as well, and we can create together tasty vegan dishes, a lot healthier than the original ones, yet full of flavor! So, join me for a different taste of Italy!

BUT… did I mention I love to travel? Of course I did! 😉 If you’d like to learn more about international cusine too, I can take you on a virtual trip around the world of food.  Ready to leave? 🙂

All my cooking classes are customized, but check this web site for more details!